Editorial: XBOX One: The Game Changer…in all the wrong ways.

With all that was revealed from Microsoft’s big XBOX One reveal..I will not be buying the console. Who the hell, in the right mind, would?

Throughout the last several years, aside from the obvious WII taking center stage on the sales front, XBOX 360 has been on the forefront of gaming sales and experience for the Hardcore gamer.  It had great exclusive titles that haven’t worn out its respective welcomes.  Now days, Halo has worn out its welcome and Call of Duty is just a plenty as there are Mario games. The first thought that comes to mind is that when these games are not only known exclusives aside from another title that was mentioned at the big reveal but, it’s nothing SPECIAL about them so why go out of the way to buy them?

Another question is, Why the hell would I want an expensive cable box the limits my gaming experience but enhances my TV experience with the mere mention that I’m not an avid TV fan. I watch Game of  Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons and Adventure time, but that’s it! I got netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime for such things!

Microsoft has given Nintendo and Sony a very clear advantage with their new consoles.  Sony and Nintendo both have officially stated that used games are still able to play on the console and on any account and if Sony brings down their premium account to free, they would win hands down *hint hint*

Here are the many highlights of the XBOX ONE


* Notes the subject of argument as it was not officially confirmed. While some of these facts are subject of debate until the official press release,  there have been tweets from XBOX support to the contrary about the fees in regards to used games or online account accessibility. However, unless an official statement is made – then there is nothing to debunk the supposed rumor.

  • -*A fee for used or borrowed games.  Want to buy a game at gamestop that you were waiting to come down because it doesn’t warrant a full price? You’ll be almost certain to have to pay it.  Are you living off food stamps and barley have any money so you have to rely on a few good friends for the gaming experience? You wanna borrow it right? Nope, there is a full MSRP fee when you go install the game on your console.
  • – You can play a game you own on another console…with your profile.
  • -*Required to be online to install any new games PERIOD.  PC brought in the online activation to stomp down piracy and for the most part I can’t blame them. However, it began to kill the gaming experiences of quite a few players who would rather just go on a console and play their games without the hassle of being online. There are still people out there who are hardcore gamers that can’t get high speed like most in an inner city or can’t afford internet period and that’s why they go to consoles but now, they won’t be able to play their favorite Halo franchise unless they’re connected to register the product…
  • *Want to change profiles so you can play a game you already bought or a friend is wanting to play it on your console? Nope! every game is account specific therefore, in order to play it on another profile you’ll have to buy it again.   Every game is account specific and playing the game on the same console, but different profile, will constitute the used fee as well *See above for more info
  • -XBOX One is a CABLE BOX….not a gaming console. One of the many things Microsoft got right it was being game centric with the XBOX 360 and now they’re trading that in for a cable box.  There are many great services that integrate TV and digital technology just fine. while the All-In-One experience is an awesome concept…it’s clearly excuted, so far, as a TV Box that can also play games.
  • – Game features are not uncommon on console now like jumping over small walls or solid AI. and graphics aren’t everything.
  • – Call of Duty and Halo can only sale very few consoles…i don’t give two craps about the new “Features” if I have to pay for it everytime I play it on another profile or borrow it, does features matter?
  • -XBOX One is essentially an inferior PC. We can already do SO much with the PC and every time we have to be online to register games and so forth now I ask, Why don’t i spend a few more bucks to buy a top-notch pc and get steam? WITHOUT ALL THE FEES!  The XBOX ONE seems to want to take that E-machine road in a sense.

Microsoft, you are seriously losing your way. It’s no longer about the gaming community or the gamer, it’s about money. and that’s why this is the last straw and Microsoft and the new generation of XBOX fails on EVERY LEVEL!

When you put out a system for gaming, it’s bad for business to emphasis on TV experience…unless you bring your big guns to a reveal, it’ll fall flat every time. If these features are minut to the overall experience of the new console but, wouldn’t it make sense to wait until E3 to makes these revelations along-side your gaming content too? To avoid all the Bull of a bad reveal press conference? Wouldn’t it be bad to reveal a few of the exclusive titles that weren’t already known and have some gameplay footage of those games?

In my opinion, Media focus in an oversaturated media world is not the way to go when you market yourselves as a gaming manufacturer!

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My Top 5 Video Game endings!

The Illusiveman here! To tell you about my top 5 video game endings of all time! This is a short one, but enjoy!


1. Mass Effect 2

Quite possibly one of the most innovative games out there right now. This game, while not completely free roaming or completely interactive, is quite possibly the best game as far as the overall outcome. Making Commander Shepard into a complete badass or a hero in the universe you can also influence your friends and their lives or how much they like and relate to you. In the end, if you played the first one and end it with Mass Effect 3 it will be the most personal of all games. kudos Bioware – this is definitely a gaming classic.

mass_effect_3_render_by_n4pcroft-d3hxh7v2. Xenosaga: Episode One: Der Wille zur Macht

– This is one game that became stuck in the minds of anime fans and gamers alike. With its complex story and character development – this just so happens to be one of the better satisfying game endings I’ve ever experienced. While some say the soft music at the beginning didn’t help during the escape from Proto-merkabah, I believed it to be just as good. The ending has a very Star Wars type ending which adds to the fun and the drama. While the game suffered from its long-winded dialogue and repeative gameplay, the ending was well worth the effort and every bit as rewarding.


3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

This is the story about the rise of Big Boss. You’re Naked Snake aka Jack as you try to uncover a soviet plan to steal the philosopher’s legacy and the construction of a Nuclear launch vehicle. You’re hunting down “The Boss” after she defects from the US (see below). Your orders are to take his former mentor and adopted mother before the Philosopher’s legacy is lost. The defining moment in the Metal Gear Solid franchise when Naked Snake takes down “The Boss” and is awarded for killing someone close to him causing the now christened “Big Boss” to resent the government that put him up to it.   EVA reveals that The Boss did not defect to the Soviet Union; rather, she was under orders to pretend to defect so she could infiltrate Volgin’s ranks and find the location of the Legacy, which could be brought back to America. The final part of her mission was to sacrifice her honor and die at the hands of Snake, under the guise of a traitor, to prove the U.S.’s innocence in Volgin’s nuclear attack from the beginning of the game.. Later, he arrives at an anonymous grave, The Boss’s, just one of thousands located in Arlington National Cemetery. Laying down The Boss’s gun and a bouquet of lilies upon the nameless gravestone, he scans the endless rows before him, salutes, and sheds a single tear.

That very moment when Big Boss lets loose a single tear is the one of the biggest and most heart-tearing moments in the series next to Liquid’s and Soild Snake’s final battle.


4. Halo Reach

This was a suitable ending for Bungie’s Halo..(now owned by 343 industries which is half of the original halo team) – It served as an epitaph for the Spartans – one specific team that gave it all and lost on the planet reach. Noble 6 has everyone and is stranded to fight the covenant and hold the last bit of ground he can on reach. Surrounded by the enemy; it’s never made clear whether Noble 6 was defeated or simply survived. Everyone assumed the worse. Even so, He went down like a bad-ass!  It gave you a since of both beginning and the end…and please…don’t ever hope to beat the secret unbeatable mission.

325450 (1)

5. Final Fantasy VII

A foreboding, puzzling and epic end to one of the most epic anime games known to RPG fans (short of the WOW fanatics) FF7 Resolved all with one question – and Advent Children, ruined it.  While AC Complete was a far superior version, all it was was an epilogue to a great game. The ending from the game itself will always be in the hearts and minds of the fans and probably one of the reasons why a remake might be made. The ending payed the player off by showing what their efforts against Sephiroth brought them. It’s a very cinematic style ending and the first for the Final Fantasy franchise.