Director: Shane Black


Robert Downey, Jr.  Gwyneth Paltrow  Don Cheadle  Jon Favreau

Ben Kingsley

The big climax begins and it’s Iron Man facing the Mandarin. Or is it? Will Tony Stark face unbeatable odds and come out swinging like a bigger and better man? Will  We see Lt. Colonel James Rhodes in the Iron Patriot kicking some well needed ass for ‘merica?  This long awaited third film in the series of Marvel movies is on the years summers biggest hard hitters thus far and has kicked off the summer movie season with a BANG.  Though the fans have been divided for one very deceptive point of one character in particular, but I won’t spoil that here!


After The Avengers, Tony Stark has some trouble dealing with everything that had happened. You know, The god with the hammer, The HULK and an ENTIRE RACE OF INVADING ALIENS!IRON MAN 3 Having to deal with all of that, Tony Stark is experiencing a lot of symptoms of PTSD and cannot sleep. So he’s building better suits. Tony developed a neuro-link type device that links him to the suit and his girlfriend, Pepper Potts, has become irritated and understandingly so. A lot of Tony Stark’s past comes back to haunt him in a BIG way and shit, of course, hits the fan in a big way.

The story of the movie is very sound if not lacking in a few areas. The plot is no longer grounded like the first Iron Man movie was so it feels a bit of out place when it comes to certain elements. However, this movie demonstrates what Tony Stark can do with his intellect. You  get to see him on his feet and thinking about how he’s going to solve this little Mandarin problem of his. He’s hurt, he’s got nothing to back him up – Tony Stark is brought down to ground ZERO. He does inherit a tiny annoying side-kick that is suppose to keep him annoyed however, aside from a few small plot points – the kid was entirely disposable.  There is a plot point in this movie that was annoying and will divide the fans. It’s one of those bait-and-switch ideas that will kill the movie for loyalist out there or even those who aren’t that versed with the Iron Man lore. Take it or leave it. Choose your poison. I will say that the overall story was enjoyable if lacking in a few areas.



tumblr_inline_mkz9vt0TB81qz4rgpShane Black has taken over for Jon Favreau and the tone is completely different from the of the other movies in the entire Marvel: Phase One and Phase Two to this point. It seems that the over all direction is to make it more comic-booky in both visual style in and execution which seem to be the point. The CGI is on point but gets a tad gimmicky at the end (and with good reason). Overall the presentation is what we’ve come to expect from a Marvel grade movie. The suits look amazing from A to Z and with the exception of two giant suits – get disposed of pretty easily too. Gee Tony, WHY?!

The acting is also what we’ve come to expect from Robert Downy Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow and of course Don Cheadle. Ben Kingsley AS the Mandarin does a fan-damn-tastic job as well. However, it seems they try to make too many jokes at times throughout the film however, that’s how Tony Stark deals with his issues. By sarcasm and well…not dealing with them at all. Guy Pearce does a good job as will as Aldrich Killian but towards the end the typical overdose of insane engrosses him a bit towards the better part of the movie.

Just another top notch for the creators of Iron Man and the guys at Marvel Films.


MusicBrian Tyler headed the score of this movie and I have to say that the themes, while power at times, really show its comic book style and distracts from some of the tone of the movie. The theme clashes with what it’s suppose to be representing. While the main theme was not engaging – it just seemed to be typical Brian Tyler type music.  There really isn’t much to say overall to the films score.


VerdictOver all, Iron Man 3 was a very enjoyable experience from start to finish and with a few weak plot points and a very annoying plot twist. It’s definitely worth seeing at least once in the theater once or even twice. The film’s score was typical affair and not really complimenting to the overall tone of the film half of the time. With pretty visuals and A LOT of iron towards the end makes the sit through worth it. When Jon Favreau stepped down as director, much of the creative team of the first two movies changed hands with the introduction of Shane Black. To Shane Black’s credit, it wasn’t disappointing in the least and he had made a very decent and solid effort to make Iron Man 3 every bit as Epic as it needs to be. The acting is also top-notch and what we’ve come to expect from the franchise as well. We get to see Tony and Pepper’s relationship grow a bit as well as the trouble that he’s going through which is driving her away and Tony going back to using his brain was a treat to see as well. Tony being out of his element always brings about the best in him as well as the worst. Which gives Iron Man 3…


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Brian Tyler conducting in 2011

Brian Tyler conducting in 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)