Director: Justin Lin


Vin Diesel , Michelle Rodriguez , Paul Walker , Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

I’ve never wanted to drive a car over 60 so bad in my life.

Fast and Furious 6 otherwise known as Fast 6 was release a couple of days ago. It has fast cars, hot girls, fast and intense actions scenes.  Dwayne Johnson stars as Luke Hobbs who makes a deal with Dominick Toretto in order to put an end to an to Shaw, who’s being investigated for destroying a Russian military convoy. Dominick is not quick to agree until Hobbs presents him with a photo taken very recently. This photo is of former girlfriend turned corpse, Letty. Reluctant but wanting to get to the bottom of it, Dom agree and a thrill ride of cars, explosions, planes and tanks and family ensues.  Even “The Rock” with his meaty head, was like, “Okay, KICKIN’ ASS TIME!!” but I digress…though…serious…dude STOP BEING SERIOUS!


Dominick Toretto and his gang have spread out after their big heist in Rio De Janeiro and life is good. Then you have Luke Hobbs come to spoil it with recruiting Dom, Bryan and the rest michelle-rodriguez-and-vin-diesel-in-fast-six-2013-movie-image__spanof the crew to catch a man named Shaw to whom of which took out a Russian Convoy. Dominick is very reluctant at first until Hobbs shows him a photo. A very recent photo of his dead
girlfriend Letty and here we have one of the minor problems. Letty was dead and they should’ve kept it that way due to the fact that the memory subplot felt a little empty and a tad unnecessary however, it does work well into the story and is actually used in a poignant part of the film. It’s not used long though. This is meant to be a fast and furious movie, no pun intended. If it took its time then, I don’t believe this would have been as much fun as it was action packed. They do show the characters getting a long and how much their family means to each other as well as quite a few comedy relief moments. This movie did not stretch beyond what it was supposed to do which was entertain with an enjoyable fun movie that’s not bogged down with a huge dark plot like a lot of films this summer season. A very basic, fast paced movie with a lot of action and not a lot of exposition to clutter up the works. Luke Hobbs has to work with Dom in this one and it was a good twist as oppose to keeping the rivalry going. It’s not original because a few movies have teased or used this aspect before.

4.0 /5.0


fast-and-furious-6-nuThe visuals in this film aren’t breathtaking by any means however, it’s very fun to watch. So much that you may never notice the passage of time. The directing style is very fast and very
furious, again no pun, which is the way it was intended to be. There is a lot of shaky cam in the fights however so it may be a bit hard to concentrate on what’s going on during the fights but, who cares? Justin Lin continues this style of directing which easily carried over from Fast 5 and it still pays off very well in the end. If there is only one complaint is about how it shows the crew bringing down a cargo plane during the last few minutes of the film. It doesn’t take away from it, but still it seemed like they were anxious to put that out there. Typical action car movie affair but still very enjoyable.

The racing scenes in the film are actually few and far between and it comes between Letty and Dom racing against each other for no other reason than to race, or jog her memory…see that was a pun. The amount of car action you see is more or less plot oriented and don’t have much to do with the racing that people come to expect with the Fast and Furious movies, but with that being said it continues that tradition just fine. After all, it has the cars and the car-orientated action…plus a tank. Who doesn’t want a tank in a car movie? Just saying.



Fast and Furious’ soundtrack implores the usual combo of cars, action and rappers and it’s clearly demonstrated in the first minutes of the film which was a great opening intro, music by 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa,  for a movie such as this. The music is also as fast paced and action oriented as the visuals and compliments it well on every level. The soundtrack will give some people the urge to drive a car which is what it was suppose to do. The visual style and music come together and make it a fun film going experience.


This installment of the Fast and Furious franchise is very enjoyable. It has a lot of good car action. Car on tank, Car on Airplane action and Vin Diesel and The Rock kicking ass with each other rather than against each other. The bad guy is very typical even though it seems a lot bigger than he really is. The action is well directed and the music blends in just as well with said action. At the end of the day, Fast 6 was a good time to sit there and watch. This is one of the movies where the comedy relief is good, the action is good – it makes for a very enjoyable, “let’s pop this in and watch.” kind of movie and it’s good see. It’s not dark as a lot of the movies this season is trying to go although the film series cannot commit to having Michelle Rodriguez’s character die, but even with that it doesn’t take away from it. At the end you will feel like driving your car fast and furious.



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Film poster for The Fast and the Furious – Copyright 2001, Universal Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)