My Top 5 Video Game endings!

The Illusiveman here! To tell you about my top 5 video game endings of all time! This is a short one, but enjoy! UPDATED WORD-PRESS EDITION 1. Mass Effect 2 Quite possibly one of the most innovative games out there right now. This game, while not completely free roaming or completely interactive, is quite possibly … Continue reading


Mass Effect 3 is the ending adventure in a trilogy of great games that defined a genre and an era – with it’s solid story and extreme controversy – Mass Effect 3 will be in the break rooms and nerd dungeons for months to come. Created in 2007 by Canadian Developer Bioware; Mass Effect franchise has … Continue reading

REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Is this the superior successor? *Warning Spoilers*

FINAL FANTASY XII-2 Publisher: Square-Enix, Ltd Release date: January 31, 2012 Originally Posted Via Facebook  February 25, 2012  Another direct sequel to the flagship series, Final Fantasy, this adventure follows Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss on their journey through time as they repair paradoxes and restore history’s natural timeline. On this journey, the find that the pain … Continue reading